Almond Nuts Raw 5kg

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Roasted Almonds are best known for their flavor, crunch, or thickening properties.roasted almonds are rich in fiber, vitamin E and magnesium.they make up a key part of a healthy and varied diet. Their relatively long shelf life, portability and rich nutrient profile make nuts an ideal snack idea to help you maintain a healthy diet on the go.

Almond Roasted appear to not only decrease after-meal rises in blood sugar, but also provide antioxidants to mop up the smaller amounts of free radicals that still result. (Jenkins DJ, Kendall CW, Journal of Nutrition).not suitable for customers with an allergy to peanuts, other nuts, wheat or soya due to manufacturing methods.

The United States Department of Agriculture classifies roasted almonds as part of the protein food group. Your body uses the protein in roasted salted almonds to maintain your tissues, preventing the tissue breakdown that can occur when you don\'t get enough protein. Since protein breaks down relatively slowly in your digestive tract, protein-rich snacks like salted roasted almonds can help keep you full throughout the day. A 1-ounce serving of the nuts provides two ounce-equivalents of protein, according to the USDA -- 40 percent of the recommended daily intake for women, or 33 percent for men.

Almonds also contain vitamin E, a family of fat-soluble nutrients. Vitamin E protects you from free radicals, a class of chemicals that oxidize your proteins, DNA and cell membranes. This oxidation is a form of chemical damage, and long-term exposure to free radicals contributes to diseases, such as cataracts and cancer. An ounce of dry roasted salted almonds contains 6.75 milligrams of vitamin E, or 45 percent of your daily vitamin E requirements, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Oil roasted salted almonds contain slightly more vitamin E



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